#tag We Fight Cyber Crime

My dear readers! It is a high time for all of us to be really deliberate about the mushrooming of the technology and its effects on the youthful generation. So, I would like to forward some vigilant measures to be taken while treating the Internet Technology and other digital devices.  The guidelines are clear:

Teachers of the school must learn and infer all the app young generation is using for social networking like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, snapchat and many more!

  • Parents only provide the internet to their youngsters. Simply do not steer them what is beneficial and bad side of the same! Therefore, parents must take this activity as family activity.
  • Do not easily share the personal information along the internet.
  • Have different passwords in different formats and keep changing often.

For example:  I     h     2    d     1    c    &    3   B

a           o           a                i

v           g            t                r

e           s            s               d


Therefore, the password comes as: Ih2d1c & 3B [isn’t it a brain teaser for hacker].

  • Keep open the Google authentication app when you are online.
  • Enable OTP for more security.
  • We are all fond of online shopping, so use security key device available on Google.
  • Emergency phone be added but always lock your mobile with pattern.
  • Be careful in posting your information on net as it becomes your digital footprint online.

Even if we observe these simple guidelines I am sure our future generation is getting to use all digital devices very smartly and prudently. Even the usage of the knowledge would be transmitted for the amelioration of our companionship and nation.

And then! Let’s pledge in safeguarding our own people by saying “Hash tag we fight Cyber Crime”.


Medha Chaudhari

Computer Department

[Courtesy:  Workshop attended by the Pune Police initiative “WefightCC”]

Safety Measures Against Cyber Crime

The school steps prudently into the safety measures of our school children against cybercrime. To spread awareness about the effects of digital world, our teachers are trained for the various programmes in cyber security. We are thankful to Pune Police to start an initiative.

The Pune City Police has launched, “We Fight Cyber Crime (#WeFightCC)”, an initiative to educate students and teachers to prevent cybercrimes.

An increasing number of youths, mainly between the age group of 14 and 24 years, are falling victim to cybercrimes. “So to counter this problem, Pune Police has started the ‘We Fight Cyber Crime’ initiative. They aim to train over thousand teachers and more than 20,000 students from different schools and colleges in dealing with cybercrimes,”

“In the first step, we must sensitize students and teachers about cybercrimes and its prevention techniques through a massive social media campaign, using social networking sites, blogs and videos of experts. Then, competitions like slogan-making on issues related to cybercrimes could be held for students for creating awareness. In the next step, teachers from different schools and colleges could be trained on how to tackle cybercrimes. These teachers are expected to train their students.

Teachers, must attend conferences organized, in which groups of “tech savvy” representatives of various schools and colleges would participate. Where they will be given intensive training on cybercrime issues. Cyber experts from C-DAC, Google India and Career Corner have extended their support for the initiative.