Our proud achievers in sports are

Shiv Chatrapati Awardees in Mallakhamb: 03 Students

  • Ms. Jyotsna Chitroda,
  • Ms. Arti Sakore,
  • Ms. Ruta Deshmukh

International players:08 students
The Golden Sparrow of our school and country Miss Prutha Vartikar representing Maharashtra State/India proudly at National and International Table Tennis Tournaments.
Master Chiatanya Phalke represented India in Junior Olympics held at Malaysia 2018 and bagged a Gold Medal in Yoga.
Various games are Mallakhamb, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Yoga, Cricket, Rope Mallakhamb.

National players:60 students

Master Atharva Godbole - Inernational Chess Player