Glorious 25th year of modern with its growth in technology

Date 15th June 1998, Well! A very promising date when I was appointed as the computer teacher in this well cultured school.

The principal was Ms. Rohini Kulkarni , women with great passion for technology. Always looking at the computers, she used to dream and utter, Medha! Is it possible that these computers be replaced with colour monitors, can we have the facility where all students can be taught in audio-visual format? That was the turning point of the technology in the school. Immediately our school installed 25 computers modelled as 4th generation computers with colour- Windows 95 and the purchase of LCD projector, which was actually very costly those days . For me it was totally training and experiencing period.

Promising personality is the successor and she is Ms. Madhuree Shah madam. She ensures that most of the task be digitally completed and most of the teachers should be computer savvy. See! Dream came true, our teachers work independently without intervention of any computer expert in the school.

With the technology growth our students also surrounded themselves with various application of computer software and hardware things. WE started syllabus of c and c++ language as it is very much in demand, GIMP, HTML, LOGO, QBASIC and many more languages where our students give us positive feedback that “Madam! Such a prudent decision of the school to train us for various computer languages as they help us build the strong platform for higher studies”. This is the real certificate we get. The use of computer technology is not only withheld into the four walls but we started using the same for school’s report, background images, various banners in the Annual Social Gathering and other mega events and many more, which was the great idea of our gem teacher Mr.Yashwant Vedpathak sir.

Today we have i3 processors with LCD monitors, high speed broad Band Internet facilities, Audio-Video Room, LAN networking in the entire school, Paperless Exam software and the digital classes whenever required. I am very proud to say that “Modern’s staff is Techno Staff”

Medha Chaudhari

Computer Department