“Congratulations !! Once again uninterrupted 23rd year of 100 % result in S.S.C. Examination 2019 and 28 students scoring 90% & above

High School Uniform


Modernites are “cream of the crop” as they are inspired by
Hon. Late Shri. Shankarraoji Kanitkar
“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far”
Hon. Prof. Dr. Gajanan R. Ekbote
”A Leader who leads an example”
Hon. Prof. Shyamkant S. Deshmukh
“Lead to learn”
Hon. Prof. Jyotsna G. Ekbote
“A leader who acts like a ladder”
Prof. Dr. Prakash G. Dixit
“Talent which is an extension of sky”
Mrs. Madhuree A. Shah
“Stability in mind and no confusion”

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Regular School Timing

From Monday to Friday

10.50.a.m. to 5.15.p.m.


Remedial Teaching for  std 9th & 10th

10.00.a.m. to 12.30.p.m.

Teacher’s Timings to Meet Parents

2nd & 4th Thursday every month

except examination period

11.a.m. to 11.30.a.m.

Headmistress Timings to Meet Parents

Monday to Friday

11.30.a.m. to 12.30.p.m.

Month End Timings

11.a.m. to 1.55.p.m


WELCOME TO P.E.Society’s

Modern High School (English Medium), Pune-05


Hon. Prof. Dr. Gajanan R. Ekbote

Message from the Desk of Chairman

School has gracefully entered its “Silver Jubilee Year” roping many thrilling & exciting events.

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Hon. Prof. Shyamkant S. Deshmukh

Message by Secretary

An education institution aims at teaching students not just to live but to reason and analyze life. Aristotle said, ‘The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet’. P. E. S. Modern High School {English Medium}, Shivajinagar, Pune-5 is working really hard and inching towards that good where, ‘Life will be sweet’.

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Hon. Prof. Jyotsna G. Ekbote

Message by School Chairperson

My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made at Modern. It is a proud moment for the school as it has completed its 25th Anniversary and marching towards successful legacy.

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Prof. Dr. Prakash G. Dixit

Message by School Visitor

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it.”

Learning is the process of constantly updating in an ever changing world. All children should be given opportunity to experience the very best possible start to their education.

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Mrs. Madhuree  A. Shah

From the Principal’s Desk

“Education is a shared commitment between Dedicated Teachers, Motivated Students and Enthusiastic Parents with High Expectations”.

   P.E.S Modern High School (Eng. Med) has entered its glorious 25th Anniversary on this auspicious eve I would like to greet one and all.

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Celebrating Glorious 25 Years

School has gracefully entered its “Silver Jubilee Year” roping many thrilling & exciting events. To start with Hi-tech, Inter School Science Quiz Competition, inter school dance competition, Inter-school Tennikoit Competition and Grand Arts and Science Exhibition was held.
This school has become a precious asset like Kohinoor Diamond of Pune City. Many Educationist, Political Leaders, Ministers and Industrialist have praised different activities of the school.



Oh ! Come let’s sing the song of Modern,
Hear the glory we have lightened.
Our dreams are big our stories bright,
That’s why we are modernites.
Remember the hurdles in the early age,
By doing best we change the image.
Like a small boat in the ocean,
Setting big waves in the motion.
Oh ! Come let’s sing ……..

Wearing school colours gives us pride,
The school rules, we always abide,
Jyoti, Shakti, Pragati, Shanti,
All athletic and are sporty.
Oh ! Come let’s sing …………….

To our alma mater true,
And our thoughts hark back to you.
Now we see years gone by
We yearn for more with you.
Oh ! Come let’s sing …………….

Teachers are like rainbow bands,
peons are really helping hands.
With our results reaching sky,
And our aims are soaring high.
Oh ! Come let’s sing …………….

We’ll keep climbing the ladder of success,
And that’s what gives us happiness.
On our earth our motherland
With holy shrines on golden sand.
Oh ! come let’s sing …………….

Composed by Std. 10th
Batch : 2017-18


Teacher’s day celebration in the Audio visual room



strength of modern high school




School has maintained very beautiful bond with ex-modernites. Out of their love for the school the students have gifted a very beautiful “Dream Solar Project”.