Olympiad Exam

  • Science (November)
  • Maths (December)
  • English (october)

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there."  ….. Bo Jackson.

compete with the world and be a part of it. the school focuses on all round development of the child. the school prepares the child intellectual in facing the various competitive exams like JEE, IIT, UPSC and various public exams. School encourages and motivates the child to participate in various olympiad exams. through sceince olympiad foundation students get an opportunity to test there knowledge, aptitude, G reasoning and logical skills upgraded. our school student compete with all students of the same grade at National and International level.

The results of the first round level is marvellous 10% of students of each grade are selected for second round of National level. every year more than 10 students receive Gold, Silver and Bronze medal for their stupendous sucess in the respective exams. our to thes sucess and upgrade of knowledge students sucessfully clear their MTS, NTS and State Government Scholership exam in a real form.