In each academic year, the school will hold the following Tests and examination. :
1. a) Std. V-VIII – Two Unit Tests, Terminal, Annual Examination.
    b) Std. IX – Two Unit Tests, Terminal, Annual Examination.
    c) Std. X – One Unit Test, Terminal, Preliminary Examination.
2. Promotion to the next class is based on the yearly performance of the child.
3. Parents of the students who have not shown satisfactory performance in any of the exams must see the concerned authorities of the school to discuss about the progress of their wards.
4. The decision of the school authorities regarding the promotion or detention of the student will be final.
5. No half day will be allowed after the exam.
6. A student who has not cleared fee dues may be barred from appearing any or all of the examinations mentioned above.
7. Students absence for an examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined, the students who represent the school in inter-school activities conducted by Pune Z.P. will be reexamined.
8. Marks will be deducted if a student takes or gives dishonest help at the examinations.