Environment Oath

  1. I realize that every mature tree by photosynthesis absorbs 20 kgs of Carbon dioxide every year. By the same process each tree lets out about 14 Kg of Oxygen every year.
  2. I will plant and nurture ten trees and will ensure my parents, my sisters and brothers plant trees and my neighbours also plant ten trees each. I will be an ambassador for tree mission in my locality.
  3. I will keep my house and its surroundings clean and use products which are bio-degradable to the extent possible
  4. I will promote a culture of environment friendliness, through recycling and conservation of water and other recyclable materials both at home and school.
  5. When I take a professional career, I will take decision with respect of organizational processes which protects the environment and preserves the bio-diversity.
  6. I will encourage the use of renewable energy to the maximum extent possible.
  7. I will spread the awareness about the need to preserve the environment in my home, in my locality and among my student friends.
  8. I will engage the water conservation, especially by rain water harvesting and spread the message in my family and friends.

                       Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam