1. The students must speak only in English in the school premises.
  2. Children are strictly forbidden to go out of the school during the school hours without Headmistress’s permission
  3. Books, note-books, bags, tiffin box etc. should bear the name and standard and division of the owner. The school is not
    responsible for any such thing that gets lost.
  4. Students who bring bicycle should keep them properly locked at the places fixed for them. Cycle stand fees to be paid in the office before 30th June of this academic year.
  5. Students are not allowed to carry cell phones, fancy and valuable articles to the school
  6. Any damage to school property or any other property in the premises of the school will have to be repaired by the students responsible for the damage. The decision of the head of the school regarding the cost of the damage will be final.

Recommendations to the Parents/Guardian

  1. Parents are responsible for their ward’s escort before and after school hours (to bring and take home) at their risk.
  2. Once a student attends the school he/she will not be allowedfor any short leave. In case of emergency, the student be escorted home by the parent with the written permission of the Headmistress
  3. Parents are requested to check the diary of the ward daily and countersign the remarks in the School diary regularly..
  4. Co-operate the school in ensuring an effective education of your children. This can be done by Providing facilities of studies at home. Providing text books, note books and other requirement of your wards. Assisting and guiding in doing home work. Depositing fees as per rules. Providing proper School Uniform. Assisting your ward in submitting project work in time.
  5. Don’t send your ward to the school when they are having any infectious disease.
  6. If you feel or notice that your ward is not making the desired progress, kindly see the classteacher.
  7. Attendance of your ward is compulsory on the Re-opening day
  8. Any change of address and telephone numbers should be intimated to the school office immediately as well as be changed in the school diary.
  9. Parents should not meet their wards or meet teachers during regular school days or hours. Parents can meet teachers only during the restricted days and timings mentioned in the diary.


Students should be in school before the first bell which is five minutes prior to the school time.


A student may be allowed leave in very special case by the Headmistress. The application should be sent to the school on the same day or latest by next day, duly signed by the parent or guardian of the student. During Test and Examination, no leave will be granted except on medical grounds. A Medical Certificate from an authorised Medical Officer has to be submitted along with the leave application. Long leave on any other ground shall not be allowed ordinarily
except under very special circumstances and at the risk of the guardian himself.


No student is expected to be absent from school without a valid reason. Leave application is necessary from the parents in case of absence. In case of absence due to sickness a medical certificate from a registered practitioner should be submitted on the day of rejoining the school.


1. The student must wear the school uniform on all working days and for all school functions. Those failing to do so may be asked to return home if they do not bring in note of excuse from their Parents/Guardians.
2. The Boys must turn out in close cropped hair. Girls need to tie and comb their hair properly. They must use black hair bands or black ribbons.
3. Nails should be clipped and clean.
4. Uniform socks are brown, without any design and should reach half way to the knees.
5. Regular uniform shoes are brown leather as per the pattern prescribed by the school. For P.T. Uniform, white canvas shoes are compulsory. Shoes and socks must be in proper condition.
6. During winter the pupils may wear the prescribed brown coloured sweaters. SCHOOL FEES If the fees are not paid within the prescribed time the students admission may be cancelled. School fees are to be paid in cash through JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD. Ghole Road, Pune 411 005.


In each academic year, the school will hold the following Tests and examination :

  1. a) Std. V-VIII – Two Unit Tests, Terminal, Annual Examination.
    b) Std. IX – Two Unit Tests, Terminal, Annual Examination.
    c) Std. X – One Unit Test, Terminal, Preliminary Examination.
  2. Promotion to the next class is based on the yearly performance of the child.
  3. Parents of the students who have not shown satisfactory performance in any of the exams must see the concerned
    authorities of the school to discuss about the progress of their wards.
  4. The decision of the school authorities regarding the promotion or detention of the student will be final.
  5. No half day will be allowed after the exam.
  6. A student who has not cleared fee dues may be barred from appearing any or all of the examinations mentioned above.
  7. Students absence for an examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined, the students who represent the school in inter-school activities conducted by Pune Z.P. will be reexamined.
  8. Marks will be deducted if a student takes or gives dishonest help at the examinations.


I have read all the Rules and Regulations of the school laid down in this Diary and I am happy to co-operate with the school to see that the rules framed in the interest of my ward _________ studying in standard _____ Div. ___ are followed in letter and spirit. I hereby authorise you to look after my wards health in case of emergency by any doctor. I shall attend the meetings arranged by the school for the wards from time to time.

Date :   

 Signature of the Parents/Guardian.